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The Secret Places of God’s Heart

Wondrous mists of white cover the mountain’s face as a fog lifts slowly from the surface of the stream. All of Nature is bathed in an ethereal white drape, clouds of misty shrouds filled with the dewy moisture of God’s love. Come into the heart of Nature and be bathed in these mists of bliss, dressed in these shrouds of purity and love.

The secret places of God’s heart are revealed in the ethereal realms of Nature. Often does He reveal Himself there, for it is there that one feels closest to Him, to His heart. All love a beautiful sunset; all feel a sense of calm when listening to the rhythmic pattern of waves breaking on the shore. All delight in a star-filled night sky; all feel cleansed when plunging into a cool stream of fresh water. And all delight in the beauties and wonders of Nature in their heart-of-hearts.





Being in Nature, by a stream or waterfall, looking at a magnificent view of mountain peaks or forest valleys, hearing the songs of the birds fill the air and smelling the sweet fragrance of grass and wildflowers: all these joys can one experience in the heart of Nature. Here one’s own heart is opened and one’s mind is calmed. And a remembrance takes place, a forgotten memory of childhood innocence, joy and awe. Here, where the wind blows through the trees, rustling the leaves and playing with your hair, can the heart be uplifted in joy, and lightness fill the mind once more.

Come, then, and experience this joy, this peace, this love of the heart of God.

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