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Current Campaigns/Awareness & Understanding/Archives

This section contains information on our latest environmental campaigns and initiatives, along with suggestions of how each one of us can help repair the Web of Life and restore the Balance of Nature.

Current Campaigns:
1. Global Warming and Sight - New
2. Global Warning on Global Warming—Part 1
3. Global Warning on Global Warming—Part 2
4. Global Warning on Global Warming—Part 3

Awareness & Understanding: (“First arm yourself with knowledge”—Former Vice President of the USA Al Gore)
1. The Pyramid of Wealth
In today’s world, each one of us must take steps to preserve and protect our natural resources and limit our ‘carbon footprint’ to help mitigate the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change.
 SAI Sanctuary Trust (SST) has compiled the following suggestions as:

a. Part - 1
b. Part - 2
c. Part - 3
d. Part - 4

1. Dams for Coorg
2. The Damning of Coorg Continues
3. World Water Day
4. Protecting the Sacred Jewels

Spiritual Insight/Notes from the Wild Side/Archives

Many cultures around the world revere Nature as the ‘Gateway’ to a realm beyond the ordinary physical world—to the Realm of Spirit. This is especially true with Native American and other indigenous peoples, but can also be seen in some of the works of the great writers, poets, and mystics of the West, as well as the spiritual teachings of Eastern philosophy. This section contains inspirational thoughts/quotations in this vein, along with ‘Notes from the Wild Side’—stories about amusing and amazing animal encounters that enlighten and inform as well.

Spiritual Insight:
1. Prayer for the Trees
2. The Secret Places

Notes from the Wild Side:
1. The Otter Side of Life


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