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Eco-tourist Cottages at SAI Sanctuary

Our eco-tourist cottages are open for guests! Located within the Sanctuary grounds, these eco-friendly cottages give you the opportunity to experience first-hand the peace and beauty of the Sanctuary while being surrounded by the wonders of Nature in all Her various forms—large and small, flora and fauna.

But please note that this is not a typical hotel or resort—it’s a Nature Sanctuary—a place for those who want the rare chance to be close to Nature and marvel at her grandeur.

Your stay at the Sanctuary will help us in our mission to preserve and protect one of the last remaining natural Wild Places of the Earth—the Western Ghats of India—a biodiversity ‘hot spot’ shared by elephants and tigers, leopards and deer, butterflies and birds, and so much more!

Come and enjoy Nature in all Her glory! Let your senses drink in the beauty and purity. Savor the taste of pure, unpolluted mountain water. Breathe deeply the clean, fresh air scented with the blossoms of wild flowers and the rich good earth. Awaken to the cooing of the coucals calling back and forth, the golden dawn bringing the morning songs of countless birds—bulbuls, barbets and drongos, babblers, thrushes and mynahs, and the laughter of the hornbill.

Sleep peacefully cradled in the arms of Mother Nature, the hush of the silent night broken only by the whisper of the wind through the trees, the songs of the crickets and hooting of the great white owl, and if one is lucky, the trumpet of the elephant, the barking of the deer and even the roar of the tiger.

Currently open--two cottages each having two bedrooms with attached baths.
Each room has three beds and a fireplace. The roof is flat and connected to the ground floor by spiral staircase—a wonderful place to watch wildlife, to gaze at the full moon and star-studded night sky, or see the first rays of sunlight on the mountains wreathed in misty white shrouds. It is also an excellent place for doing yoga.

  • Hot water is supplied by eco-friendly solar heating with wood-burning backup. Lighting is by rechargeable CFL torchlights.
  • The daily tariff includes three nutritious and sumptuous meals—all vegetarian with tea/coffee as well—all cooked on eco-friendly biogas stoves. There is a 'gathering place' for eating outside or the meals can be served in the rooms.
  • Guided treks through the forest/Sanctuary are offered at different times of the day.
  • Other activities—treks into the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary are offered with enough notice to obtain permission and permits from the Forest Department, plus slide show presentations on the Sanctuary and preserving the Balance of Nature.
  • Areas close by for people to visit include Irupu Falls in Srimangala and Nagarhole National Park in Kutta.

The Sanctuary is the perfect place not only for watching wildlife, but for quiet inner Self-reflection, for reconnecting with Mother Nature—Mother of us all—and communing with the Spirit that binds us all together in the ‘Circle of Life.’ Ahimsa/Nonviolence is practiced towards all aspects of Creation within the Sanctuary grounds.
In keeping with this Spirit, and with the peace and purity of the Sanctuary:

  • Meat and alcohol are not allowed, nor is smoking in the cottages, in common areas, or on treks due to forest fire danger.
  • Only organic farming is practiced here. Hence, pesticides and chemicals of any kind are not allowed anywhere within the Sanctuary including the cottages.
  • Take only photos, leave only footprints around the cottages and on treks. Please do not disturb any flora or fauna. Respect all wildlife—large and small—and their habitat. Leave the flowers for the bees and butterflies, and for other guests to enjoy, too.
  • Please be thoughtful of wildlife and other guests. Loud noises and voices frighten wildlife away. When on treks, please be as quiet as possible, and keep in sight of one another. Trekking into dense forest areas without a guide is prohibited.
  • Please put all litter/trash in trash bins. Help us to keep the Sanctuary in as pure and pristine a condition as you found it.
  • When in the cottages, please keep window screens/mosquito mesh closed to prevent insects from entering the rooms. If by chance a stray insect gets in, please remove it humanely or call one of our staff to help you with its removal.
  • In keeping with Indian tradition, please remove outdoor footwear before entering the rooms.
  • Minimum age for children is 14—exceptions can be made depending on circumstances and children involved.



Any time of year is beautiful in the Sanctuary with each season having its own special charm. Even at the height of the hot Indian summer, the Sanctuary stays cool due to the shade from the dense canopy of native trees. Usually, the temperature range for post-monsoon and winter months (October through January) is from 8 to 25 degrees Celsius (46 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit), with summer and pre-monsoon temperatures (February through May) rising to an average of 15 to 27 C (59 to 80 F). Monsoon temperatures are similar to those of winter months.

Our cottages are open year-round, closing only during the peak monsoon period (mid-June to mid-September.) Requests for bookings during monsoon will be considered.

Suggested packing list

Depending on the season, suggested items to bring in addition to suitable clothing include:

  • Jacket, sweatshirt with hood, and/or sweater/shawl for cooler nights, rain poncho just in case
  • Comfortable walking/trekking apparel preferably in earth-tone colors
  • Cap or hat
  • Gumboots (especially monsoon or post-monsoon seasons) or other good walking shoes
  • Extra socks and/or indoor slippers for indoor wear—floors are tiled
  • Backpack
  • Walking sticks
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Torch
  • First aid kit including band-aids along with any other required medication if any
  • Small notepad with pen to record sightings/experiences
  • No snacks are available at the Sanctuary, so please bring your own if you wish to eat in between meals. But please separate your trash—putting paper/wrapping in the open trash container and food items in the small covered bucket in your room—as everything is separately recycled/composted in the Sanctuary.

Click for Pictures of Cottages.

How to get here—map/mileage/directions.

So if and when you plan a trip to this beautiful area of
Mother Earth,

do come stay at our 'Haven of Peace and Beauty'—
SAI Sanctuary.


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