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Welcome to SAI (Save Animals Initiative) Sanctuary Trust (SST.)*

A new Intiative - Eco Tourism
Come and stay in our new eco-tourist cottages in the Sanctuary. Click here for more info on how your stay will help us in our mission

Our main mission:

• To protect and preserve the last remaining natural Wild Places of the Earth—especially equatorial rainforests—thereby safeguarding our vital water sources as well as the planet’s rich biodiversity of both flora and fauna for ourselves and future generations.

To this end, we at SST use a three-pronged approach:

• Acquisition, protection and reclamation of forested lands and wildlife habitat where vital water sources have their origin,
• Rescue, rehabilitation and re-introduction of indigenous species of wildlife back into the wild, and
• Spreading awareness to the global and local community about the 'Web of Life' and the necessity to help re-establish the Balance of Nature.
Through acquisition and protection of forested lands and the reclamation of degraded lands through reforestation projects, the source of all fresh water—the forests—are preserved and expanded. This also helps mitigate the disastrous effects of Global Warming, while safeguarding the habitat for various species of wildlife since the forest is their home.

Through anti-poaching measures and rescue, rehabilitation and release programs of wildlife, the health of the forests is insured, since a forest cannot be healthy without the wildlife that lives within it, protecting and expanding the forest through their natural living cycles.

Methods for spreading awareness of the importance of the forest includes:

• Writing articles for and giving interviews to the local, national and international media,
• Education and awareness programs including talks, slide shows, and the establishment of Nature Clubs, and
• Networking and partnering with business groups, other service organizations, indigenous people, and the general public.

In today’s world, where global warming has become an accepted scientific fact, where species of plants and animals are vanishing from the planet at an unprecedented rate, where vital water sources are drying up due to the unrelenting pace of deforestation, we at SAI Sanctuary Trust renew our commitment to work toward our goal: the re-establishment of the Balance of Nature through the protection and preservation of Earth’s remaining forests.

*SAI Sanctuary Trust is an independent Registered Nonprofit Charitable Trust. While ‘SAI’ is an anagram for ‘Save Animals Initiative,’ the word ‘SAI’ also means ‘Universal Mother’—i.e., Mother Nature.

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